I often get the question; How do I become an actor?

And while there is no definite path (and in my opinion no definite path for any career), the one thing that I advise is to take acting class. Education is something that NO ONE can take away from you. I learned from an early age, with both parents being extremely academic, that education and taking class in a field that interests you is an investment in yourself and your future and it will make you a more well rounded artist. While there are success stories of how someone is discovered randomly at a mall for example (it does happen– just very rare) those artists are studying privately with an acting coach as they are working.

Now-something I need to say before you go googling acting classes, BE WARY OF ANY SCHOOL OR STUDIO PROMISING YOU FAME! Let’s say that again– any school or studio playing on your desire to be successful and famous in this industry is something you need to be very cognizant of. No one can promise this. Success is something achieved through hard-work, practice, networking, being a decent human being, and enjoying the process along the way.

I will say that if fame is something you seek only, then I would really take a deep dive into why that is and I guarantee any successful actor (famous or not as this really is irrelevant) will tell you, is there something else you enjoy doing? This business and the nature of our career, is hard, but it’s a beautiful process and you really have to love it and be fully committed to it to reap its benefits.

Off my soap box now and into, okay well then; How can I find some good, reputable acting classes?

  • Reach out to any friends or family that you know that are actors and see where they studied.
  • Research some of your favorite actors and research where they took class/studied (Bios in playbills are always great to read as you can get an idea as to where those actors studied OR if you have amazon prime you can see that actors bios in the show or movie you are watching)
  • Of course you can google, just be sure to really read what each studio offers and if those classes and their style resonate with you.
  • Look up some famous acting methods and those that have taught that particular methods and see if there any coaches with that style of training (understand acting history!)
  • See if you can drop in a class to try out!

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Honored to help you on this journey!